Prayer requests

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Prayer Requests

Nov. 15 — Pray for Bruce Wilson. He is at Mercy in Springfield having test run. Remember him and Imogene in prayers.

Nov. 14 — Continue to remember Chris Maddox in prayer. She is in Cox South Hospital now as she continues with cancer treatments

Nov. 14 — Please remember Tyler Seick in prayer. He is Malinda Jacobs' nephew and is fighting fires in Malibu, Calif.

Nov. 13 — Terry Lipstreu didn't have a heart attack or stroke. It was an issue with his medications. Praise God for that and continue prayers for improved health.

Nov. 12 — Remember Terry Lipstreu, the Houston United Methodist pastor. He had a stroke/heart attack and is in Cox South in Springfield. Remember him and his family in prayer.

Oct. 25 — Please pray for Tony Young, a friend of Tammy Jones, who is having heart surgery this morning at Mercy.

Oct. 10 — Verlene's visitation will be 2-3 p.m. Saturday, Oct. 20  and service at 3 p.m. at our church. There will be a meal for the family following the service. No burial as she donated her body to science.

 Oct. 10 — Pray for Don and Daleene Wade family. Don's dad is home on hospice and Daleene's aunt and uncle are wintering in Panama City Beach and have had to evacuate to Montgomery, Ala. They don't know when or if they can get back to the condo they rented to get the rest of their things. Please pray for their safety.

Oct. 9 — Verlene Swearengin passed away last night. Please keep her family in your prayers. We will update you with arrangements when available.

Oct. 8 — Please pray for Jim McNiell's brother, Michael Wayne McNiell. He has cirrhosis of the liver. Please lift them all up in prayer.

Oct. 4 — Please pray for Ann and Harold as they are doing disaster relief mission in North Carolina. They will be traveling back home on Sunday. Please consider helping financially on Sunday as many expenses aren't paid by the Southern Baptist, such as gas and lodging on the way down there and back.

Oct. 1 — Zoey, Ken and Joann's granddaughter, is doing better. She is still in ICU at Mercy but breathing is better. Oxygen still low, but better. Possibly asthma related. Please continue prayers.
Sept. 30 — Please keep Don Wade's father in prayer. He is in Cox hospital in ICU and is seriously ill. Keep him and entire family in prayer.

Sept. 26 — Pray for Ann and Harold Bruening. Ann is in North Carolina and Harold will be traveling down there tomorrow. They are working for the Southern Baptist Relief Unit. Keep them in your prayers daily.

 Sept. 21 — Please keep Stella Motzkus in your prayers. She fell last night when going to restroom and fractured foot. She is still at Willow Care Nursing Home. She needs all prayers and encouragement she can get. Please send a card or note to her.

Sept. 19 — Pray for Chris Maddox. She has been diagnosed with cervical cancer and will be undergoing treatments soon. Lift her and her family up in prayer.

Sept. 19 — Please pray for Terisa Ward. She is a teacher at school and is very ill. Her family is requesting prayer.

Sept. 19 — Stella Motzkus is now in Willow Care Nursing Home, Room 224 in Willow Springs for rehab. Please continue to keep her in your prayers.

Sept. 13 — Janice Maxwell's mother, Norma Martin, passed away yesterday. Please remember Janice and her family in your prayers.

Sept. 13 — Susan didn't break anything, but has pulled/torn ligaments. She is at home. Continue to lift her and the family up in prayer.

Sept. 12 — Susan Stigall fell again today. They are at ER now. Please pray that leg isn't injured and no new injuries.

Sept. 12 — Keep Stella Motzkus in your prayers. The family found her in the floor this morning. She is at the ER and will be admitted. Lift her and family up in prayer.

Sept. 12 — Please keep Frank Fry and family in your prayers at the loss of his sister Joan Horn. Also pray for safe travels as they travel to Lubbock Texas for service and then Wichita Falls, Texas for reunion.

Sept. 11 — Please remember Chris Maddox in prayer. She is undergoing some test that could be serious. Lift her and her family up in prayer.
Sept. 11 — Praise that Dan Adey is doing well after having sciatic nerve burnt yesterday. He is doing well and able to do what ever he wants.

Sept. 5 — Pray for Alexa Ichord Huffman and that she will have good test results and get answers. She has been having ongoing health issues and testing to find the cause.

Sept. 4 — Norma Pearcy had a stroke Friday and is in Mercy in Springfield. She goes on trips with our XYZ's. Please keep her in your prayers.

Aug. 24 — Please keep Hannah Dzurick in prayer. She fell and broke both bones in arm. On way to Springfield now. Remember Jon and Jessica in prayer also.

Aug. 21 — Please keep Judy and Robert Rouse in your prayers.  Judy's step dad, Mike Detherow passed away.
Aug. 20 — Daleene Wade's MRI showed a bulging disc in lower back. She is going to a neurosurgeon and requests prayer that she will not need surgery.

Aug. 16 — Alexa Ichord Huffman is having appendix surgery now. Please lift her up in prayer. Also Wanda and family.

Aug. 15 — Praise that Jim McNiell is out of the hospital and home. He is resting and healing. Keep them in your prayers.

Aug. 14 — Jim McNiell is out of surgery. Doctor said everything went well. There is no evidence so far that there is cancer outside the prostate. Final test results available in about a week. Continue to keep them in your prayers for good results and quick healing.

Aug. 14 — Jim McNiell will have surgery this morning at 10  in St. Louis. Please keep him and Wilda in your prayers.

Aug. 13 — Please be in prayer for Gabi Hicks.  She is in severe diabetic ketoacidosis and in an ambulance on her way to Ft. Leonard Wood.

Aug. 9 — Kendall Ford continues to be in ICU in Springfield and has had several surgeries. Please lift him up in prayers.

Aug. 7 — Remember Gayla and Richard Bratton in prayer. Richard is recovering from major surgery.

Aug. 1 — Please lift up Bob Krantz and family. He is suffering with end stages of cancer and needs prayers.

Aug. 1 — Rev. James Bradford was killed in a motorcycle accident this week. Please keep his family and church family in your prayers.

July 20 — Pray for Mike Joens. He had surgery on a brain tumor today, it was cancer. His mother is home recuperating from colon reconstruction surgery. Please keep their entire family in prayer.

July 19 — Please remember Texas County Prosecutor Parke Stevens Jr. and his family in prayer as the couple's baby that was born premature passed away.

July 18 — Mary Lee Lowrey is moving and desperate for some help to move heavy items. Andy is gone and her other son is coming but will need help. If you can help at all, please call her at 417-259-1141 or 967-4664. She needs to do this tomorrow.
July 17 — Terry Miller had hip surgery today and is now out of surgery and all is well. He will be home by the end of the week. Please keep him and Cindy in your prayers and for quick healing.

July 16 — Daleene Wade is continuing to have back trouble. Please lift her up in your prayers that she will get some relief.

July 16 — Verlene Swearengin has been diagnosed with a brain tumor. She will be admitted to Houston House tomorrow. Please keep this wonderful lady and her family in your prayers.

July 13 — Please be in prayer  for Verlene Swearengin. She is in Mercy Hospital in Springfield with a brain tumor. She is accepting visitors in room 4207.

July 10 — Please remember Shirley Williams, Gene Williams' wife. She is in Mercy Hospital in Springfield with serious diabetes complications.

July 2 — Remember Dakota Burchett in prayer as he has been diagnosed with strep throat.

June 30 — Please be in prayer for Susan Stigall who has fallen and broken her leg.

Let us know if you have a special prayer request.

Philippians 4:6-7: Do not be anxious about anything, but in everything by prayer and supplication with thanksgiving let your requests be made know to God