Prayer requests

Have a prayer request or update? Share them with our church office by calling 417-967-2297 or emailing

The church also operates a prayer chain ministry. Members also can subscribe to a text messaging service that sends prayer requests to members. 

Prayer Requests

Jan. 21 — Please lift Wilburn Elmore up in prayer.  He is still battling cancer and is weak and not feeling well.  Please continue in prayer for him.  

Jan. 20 — Pray for Jim McNiell.  He is recovering from a lingering illness.  Lift him up and pray that he will begin to feel better soon.  

Jan. 15 — A young child from our community is in the hospital tonight and in desperate need of prayers. Please lift all children up in prayer tonight.

Jan. 15 — Please keep Kevin and Laura Crowley in prayer along with entire family at the passing of Kevin’s mother, Thena Dampier.

Jan. 14 — Pray for Ann Bruening's sister-in-law's mother.   She is in the hospital with COVID.  Please lift her up in prayer.

Jan. 14 — Please keep Ron and Sandy Craven in your prayers.  Ron is in the hospital with health issues.   Please lift them in prayer.

Jan. 13 — Please pray for Thena Dampier, Kevin Crowley's mother.   She is in the hospital and not doing well.  Please lift her and the family up in prayer.  

Jan. 13 — Linda McLarning passed away last week.   Please keep her family in prayer.  There will be a Celebration of Life in the spring.

Jan. 3 — Remember Sharon Kramer, Andy Wells' cousin. She was in an accident yesterday and is now in the ER. Lift her up in prayer.

Let us know if you have a special prayer request.

Philippians 4:6-7: Do not be anxious about anything, but in everything by prayer and supplication with thanksgiving let your requests be made know to God