Prayer requests

Have a prayer request or update? Share them with our church office by calling 417-967-2297 or emailing

The church also operates a prayer chain ministry. Members also can subscribe to a text messaging service that sends prayer requests to members. 

Prayer Requests

May 23 — Pray for Benny Trent, Joe Chase's brother-in-law.  He was in a car accident and is in ICU on a ventilator and kidneys are shutting down.  Joe and Tammy are on their way to Arkansas.   Keep him and wife Sandy in your prayer along with Joe and Tammy for safe travels

May 22 — Pray for David and Darlene Gourley as they had damage from trees down on their house and car today. Remember them in prayer.

May 9 — Please pray for Jamie Baker St. John. She has been diagnosed with Stage 5 kidney failure. She is in Cox and they will be inserting a dialysis port tomorrow.

May 4 — Another of our family is now rejoicing with Jesus today.  Jack McElroy passed away this morning.  Please lift Bonnie and family up in prayer.  

May 3 — Please pray for Jack and Bonnie.  Jack is making slow progress, but is having fluid buildup.  He is going to the doctor today.  Continue to remember them and lift them in prayer.  

May 3 — Please join us as we pray for our church, our members and our community today at 3 p.m. in the Girlfriend's Cafe.

May 2 — Pray for Doris Fry as she battles health issues.  Lift her and her family up in prayer.

April 29 — Praise that Susan is out of surgery and all went well. Continued prayers for quick healing.

April  28 — Please keep Gene, Jackie and Brad Gentry in prayer as Gene's sister, Bonnie Gentry, passed away.  Services are today, visitation at 10 and funeral at 11.  Lift the family in prayer.

April 28 — Praise that Glenn & Dawn Tirb arrived back home safe and sound last night.  Please pray for continued healing.

April 27 — Please pray for Susan Stigall as she will be having gallbladder surgery on Friday.  Lift her and Russ up in prayer.

April 25 — Be in prayer for Glenn Tirb.  He has another surgery today and may be able to come home Wednesday.  Continue to lift him and Dawn up in prayer.

April 21 — Glenn Tirb had surgery to treat the infection.  He is still on antibiotics and doing well.  He hopes to be home soon.  Continued prayers appreciated.  

April 19 — Praise that Colin Floyd is home from rehab and doing well. Thanks for all the prayers and continued prayers.

April 19 — Pray for Glenn Tirb.  He is diabetic and has a bad infection in his leg.  He is in a hospital in Denver.  Pray for quick healing and lift him and Dawn up in prayer.

April 18 — Please pray for Terry & Cindy Miller's nephew, Turner Brown. Pray specifically for his kidneys to start functioning again. Lift he and family in prayer.

April 17 — Pray for Dan and Georgia Adey as they are recovering from Covid. Lift them up and pray for continued healing.

April 17— Pray for Rhonda Talbott. She fell from a staircase and is in a Springfield hospital in serious condition. Please lift her and family in prayer.

April 16 — Please pray for Turner Brown, Terry Miller's nephew. He is in a Columbia hospital with very serious health issues. Please lift him up in prayer.

April 14 — Praise that Colin Floyd entered rehab in Rolla today. Please continue praying for his healing and rehab.

April 13 — Mike Sparks passed away. Please lift Dana, Tyler and entire family in prayer in the days to come.

April 13 — Pray for Susan Stigall as she struggles with gall bladder issues.  Lift her and Russ in prayer.  

April 13 — Please pray for Mike Sparks.  He is in Springfield hospital with serious health issues.  Please lift him and family up in prayer.  

April 12 — Praise that Jack McElroy is back home.  He is doing well.  Thanks for all the prayers, and please keep praying for both Bonnie and Jack and continued healing.  

April 10 — Week of Prayer - Annie Armstrong  - Pray for Southern Baptists to faithfully support their missionaries through prayer.  For God to show you a missionary family or families you can uplift and encourage through your intercession.  
April 9 — Week of Prayer - Annie Armstrong - Pray for the Safadis to have favor with the Arabic-speaking people they meet and for God to orchestrate those meetings.  For the Arabic-language church in Cincinnati to continue to grow in reaching its city and beyond.

April 8 — Week of Prayer - Annie Armstrong - Pray for more workers to feel called to Denver to work alongside missionaries and expand their ministries.  For perseverance for Brianna and her team in Denver who are working to love their city well.  

April 7 — Week of Prayer -  Annie Armstrong - Pray for Sevilla Chapel to continue making disciples in a challenging community.  For Steven and Cindy to have favor as they knock on doors and share the gospel.  

April 6 — Praise that Colin Floyd was moved out of ICU today. Continued prayers for healing appreciated.

April 6 — Week of Prayer - Annie Armstrong - Pray for Jared and Jennifer to have favor on military bases and in the community.  For God to open hearts among military personnel and grow them in their faith so they go as missionaries to their future assignments.

April 5 — Week of Prayer - Annie Armstrong - Pray for Itamar's teams to share boldly as they meet physical needs.  Pray for hearts to be open to the gospel and for more missionaries to join the work.  

April 4 — Pray for Jack McElroy.  He is on his way to Cox by ambulance.  Fluid around the heart and lungs.  Please lift he & Bonnie and family up in prayer.  

April 4 — Week of Prayer - Annie Armstrong-Pray for the Byrds to have wisdom in creatively reaching their neighbors.  Pray for God to open hearts to the gospel through Faith Community Bible Church

April 3 — Week of Prayer - Annie Armstrong-Pray to have eyes open to see the people around you in need of the hope of the gospel.  For the thousands of missionaries across North America working to reach new people even in the most challenging circumstances.

April 2 — Praise that Jack McElroy is on his way home to Houston tonight. Pray for his healing process

April 2 — Colin Floyd is still in ICU. Continued prayers are appreciated. Please lift him and entire family up in prayer.

Philippians 4:6-7: Do not be anxious about anything, but in everything by prayer and supplication with thanksgiving let your requests be made know to God